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Latest News

The wait is over! Hemispheres has added a new percussionist and we are starting work on a new show to be released in the near future. Our new addition is Brian North of Kansas City, MO. Brian currently works with Route 291 and plays out quite often, and has agreed to fill the bill so we can start progressing again. Stay tuned for our breakout performance to be announced soon.
While Hemispheres works with a new percussionist and prepares for our first show since July 2009, we are now offering a


full-color 12-page program available to the public detailing the history of the band along with awesome photos of Chris, Sgeddy and former drummers from their past shows.
To receive your program, please send your name and address with sufficient postage (4 $.45c stamps, please) to:
Chris Jolin
Hemispheres Program
7890 SE Freeway Farms Dr
Holt, MO 64048

Look for an audio clip and Hemispheres shirts at our Myspace page